Building subscription experiences you can be proud of.

Shopify Agency for trailblazer subscription brands.

What We Do

CRO & Design

Full Shopify theme redesign & development optimized for conversion and re-ordering.

Subscription App Matchmaking & Migrations

Select & implement the perfect subscription app that works for you long term.

CRO & Landing Pages

Design, test and optimize ad landing pages for conversions and re-ordering.

Subscriber Portal Redesigns

Redesign and optimize Account & Customer Portal experiences to drive your most profitable sales.

Churn + CLV Optimization

Reduce churn & optimize add-on upsells to boost AOV & CLV.

Subscription Notifications & Remarketing

Setup world-class subscription SMS & Email notifications that drive subscription orders.

Slack Support

with daily access & updates for your peace of mind.

Weekly Deliverables

to ensure steady progress & results

Subscription Strategy

Review of conversion, churn, CLV and CAC metrics for a data-informed growth strategy


200% Subscriber Growth Increase in 90 Days

Shopify Plus

Recharge migrated to Awtomic

210% Subscriber Growth 30D post launch


Digital Subscriptions on Recharge

46% Churn Reduction, 67% AOV Increase



47% CLV Increase post rebrand

Shopify Plus

Bold migrated to Awtomic

25% Conversion Increase

Shopify Plus

Bold v1 migrated to Awtomic

How It Works

Cancel anytime, flat fees

Monthly Plan

Clear monthly Deliverable Task List + Timelines

Weekly Progress

Regular task updates and daily Slack access to our team

Renew or Cancel

Renew or cancel / pause anytime, no questions asked

Our Plans





/ Month

For small projects and lean improvements


1-2 Tasks / Month

Weekly Deliverables

Slack Channel Access

Loom Bi-Weekly Updates

Subscription KPI Monitoring



/ Month

For medium sized projects and steady improvements


3-4 Tasks / Month

Weekly Deliverables

Slack Channel Access

Bi-Weekly meetings

Subscription KPI Monitoring


$ Custom

For large projects, delivered quickly


Heavy & Expedited Workload

Weekly Deliverables

Slack Channel Access

Bi-Weekly meetings

Subscription KPI Monitoring

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Do you do one-off projects?

Yes! Small projects can be done in a single month.

Large projects, which can be multi-month, come with no "maintenance" packages and no contract signing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. We ensure that our work can be handed off with minimal notice, so you never feel tied to us. At anytime you have the option to pause or cancel your service with us. We'll work up to the pause/cancel date, and continue where we left off if you choose to subscribe again.

When will I start seeing work?

As soon as you sign-up, you will be invited to your GSA Slack channel - where every Monday you will get updates on week's work.

What GSA Plan does my project need?

Once you book an Intro Call we will discuss and create a detailed Scope & Timeline for your specific project.

Difference between Plans?

The main difference between plans is the total monthly workload we deliver.

1-2 monthly tasks for Lean - est. around 16.0 hours or work

3-4 monthly tasks for Steady - est. around 35.0 hours or work

Custom Workload & Custom Pricing for Overhaul plans

Why Us

We help you build subscription experiences you can be proud of.

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Subscription App Expertise

Flat Fee

Cancel Anytime

Email Marketing

Design & Development

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