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Generalists got you this far, its time to bring in a specialist.

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What We Do

Cohort CLV & Churn Analysis

Define which customers are worth acquiring & retaining, and which are not.

Retention Focused Design, Dev & Email Setup

Design an experience to attract, convert and retain repeat customers.

Customer Experience Improvements to Drive CLV

Reduce user frustration to curb churn & boost CLV.

Upsell to Existing Customers

Setup and optimize pre-paid subscription, subscription & one-time upsells to boost AOV & CLV.

Subscription App Matchmaking & Migrations to Reduce Churn

Select & implement the perfect subscription app that works for you long term.

KPI Focused Performance

Monitoring & reporting on churn, CLV and CAC metrics for a data-informed growth strategy.

Slack Communication

with daily access & updates for your peace of mind.

Weekly Deliverables

to ensure steady progress & results.


200% Subscriber Growth Increase in 90 Days

Shopify Plus

Recharge migrated to Awtomic

210% Subscriber Growth 30D Post Launch


Digital Subscriptions on Recharge

46% Churn Reduction, 67% AOV Increase



47% CLV Increase Post-Rebrand

Shopify Plus

Bold migrated to Awtomic

25% Subscriber Conversion Increase

Shopify Plus

Bold v1 migrated to Awtomic

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