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Automate & personalize your email by segments & flows with Klaviyo. Its time to stop spamming your entire list with the same email, and provide your customers with truly valuable content & notifications personalized to them. 

Same emails, done better:

  • Cart Abandonment Email: stop overusing urgency, if your "cart isn't about to expire" than stop putting that in your email. Take a softer value added approach: "Here's what everyone who purchased had to say."
  • Order Confirmation Email: Arguably the most opened email on the web, the perfect opportunity to reassure & build brand value until their order comes.  
  • New Customer Thank You Email: This isn't the time to ask for more sales, this is the perfect time to begin customer on-boarding and welcoming them into the community.
  • Upsell & Cross-Sell Email: Automated & segmented flow that sends your customer a beautiful email with a complementary product suggestion to what they previously ordered.
  • Win-Back Email: Would you like to setup an automated email for 60 days after last purchase with a time discount code to repurchase the same item? Yup, you can do that.
  • Good Ol' Sales Event: Sometime you just need a big ol' sale! Screen out recent buyers, personalize the messaging & offers, and track your email marketing performance!  
GSA lets you unleash your ideas

Projects covered on all plans:
1. Migrate to a new subscription app where you can grow with confidence
2. Redesign your subscription signup experience to improve your Conversation Rates and ad performance
3. A/B Test your landing pages for best subscription conversions
4. Optimize your new subscriber welcome on-boarding to reduce your churn
5. Implement subscriber exclusive loyalty & retention programs to deliver your subscribers more value
6. Create subscriber exlusive discount offers, collections, and pages on your store to improve churn
...and much more


All Plans: Slack access to a Subscription Strategist to consult you on your subscripton growth & retention ideas.

"GSA Leadership" Plan Exclusive:
✅ All-In One Subscriptions Dashboard access
✅ GSA monitors your key Subscription Metrics
✅ GSA identifies & plans of your most impactful projects
✅ GSA reports on impact of each project

What clients say

"Working with GSA gives us such peace of mind. If something breaks or needs building, we are confident they can do it."

Vera & Natalie at Dwell Differently

"Andriy and his team have been nothing short of brilliant! They have become another department in our team striving to further optimise our systems for success and reaffirming this with data driven analysis!"

Tyler at Accio! Box

Our first project was such a success we engaged them immadiately after for another! Team at GSA is on top of it!

Levi at Yips CBD

GSA was super helpful to guide me through the re-launch of our website. They provided great help in launching a whole new section for our coffee subscriptions!

Sophie at Rabbit Hole Roasters
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