Do you have a good retention strategy?

You can’t expect to install an app, and have a successful subscription program. You need a good retention strategy.

You can’t expect someone to marry you, even after an amazing first date. Why are you expecting subscribers to stick around after you've stopped spending time on those relationships?

Types of churn:

Active Churn: customers deliberately decided to Cancel your service to stop receiving packages. 

Passive Churn: customer's pre-paid subscription expired, or their credit card payment failed to go through.

Day 1 Churn: customers Cancel their subscription on the same day as signing up. 


How a good retention strategy curbs churn:

Good subscription brands understand that a long term relationship with a subscriber is only possible with transparency, flexibility, and occasional pampering at the core of your retention strategy.

Good subscription brands understand the value of maintaining an existing relationships, rather than trying to create new ones all the time.

How we help:

Active Churn: 

- Post-Subscription Onboarding Email/Sms Flows - turn a new subscriber into a Superuser, and deliver value before their first box even arrives  

- Easy to Access & Manage Subscription Portal - to reduce customer support, empower the subscriber to self-manage, and build trust

- Upcoming Order notifications - to enable easy account actions, and reduce renewal date churn

- Flexible Frequency Options - to reduce "I have too much" churn

- Flexible Step-Up & Step-Down plans - to reduce "It's too expensive" churn

- Pausing & Delay Controls - to stop hard churn & enable 1-click win back email campaigns

- Subscriber Only Perks - discounts, exclusive access, free downloads etc to create a more unique brand offer

Passive Churn: 

- Win-back email/sms flows - to remarket to subscribers who's subscription passively expired and did not auto-renew 

- CC Dunning Setup - setting up effective CC dunning cadences & email flows 


Day 1 Churn: 

- Clear "Subscription Frist" Conversion Funnel - ensure that customer understands the full benefits of subscribing, and that subscriptions are in fact the recommended way to purchase

- Clean Checkout Language - to ensure that customers don't subscribe by mistake

- Optimized Subscriber Welcome Email - to clarify subscriber benefits

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