🔥 This design improved Dwell's membership signups by 25%

Tools used:
Google Analytics - Google Optimize - Hotjar

🔥 Homepage improvements 
(9,576 experiment sessions):
  • bounce rate - no significant improvements (57% vs 57%), however:

  • Product View Flow increased by 20% (number of people who landed on the homepage and continued to see a product/collection), respectively:

  • Checkout Reached rate grew by 23% (number of people who landed on the homepage added an item to cart and made it to checkout)

🔥 Membership Page improvements (6,317 experiment sessions):
  • ⬆ Total number of membership signups for Dwell's most popular membership increased by 25% (individual black, 155 vs 122 over the same unique visitor count)

    Conversion Results:
    3.91% vs 4.98% 

  • Overall Membership signup rate increased by 14% (all memberships types & colors)